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Headed up from Falkirk to Arbroath area early on Sunday morning with the intention of fishing Ethie & Arbroath Cliffs. First stopped off at Ethie but couldn't work out which paths to take to get down to the water and I didn't want to upset any of the farmers ! Then headed back down to the cliffs and stopped of at number 7 ( Needles i think?)
First rod got cast in around 6am loaded with peeler crab, the sea was pretty rough and tide ebbing, within 30 seconds the rod slammed over and stayed there ! Great I think lifting into the fish but it was all locked up and broke my line ( 25lbs).
Cast back out one rod with peeler and the other with rag and squid cocktail but not one other bite was had for 4hrs of trying, not sure if it was me, the ebbing tide or the size of sea ?
Decided that I really needed to get myself a fish for all the time spent travelling so decided to pack up and head back down the to wall on Riverside Drive. First Cast in with peeler produced a double shot biggest around a 1lb the other postage stampsize. My flattie rod with Rag went next and again produced a double shot of postage stampers !:roll1:
With the tide completly out I decided to pack up and reeled in another flattie that i didn't even know was on :roll1:. Anyway saved the blank so can't complain i suppose.
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