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Hi all
What's the best way to attach a lure to a wire trace.
Looking at traces, they all seem to have the snap lock link on them, but would this bulky thing not scare a would be fish from taking the lure?

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What are you going for mate?

The stiffness of the wire and the added weight will kill the action of some lures.

Usually the others have a solid hook or body that offers some protection but there's not a lot of species in the UK that would require a lure and a wire trace. Generally sea species are not particularly line shy so any fish scared off by a decent size swivel will probably get more of a vibe from your wire trace.

You could always use a crimped loop to a swivel and then a split ring to your lure if you are really determined.

I don't trust snaplinks for heavy fishing either as the can bend out quite easily, that's the more major issue than the swivel size.
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