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Auxiliary Bracket.

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Hi as with the post below I need some advice with the bracket that I will need b for my auxiliary engine, basically are there any that I should avoid and the best place to get them or just evil bay it.

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When I did my boat I asked the Outboard Dealer to get me a good one he actually got me one of these well very similar

Trem S/S Auxillary Outboard Bracket, Outboard Brackets | Mailspeed Marine

It is made out of a formed stainless steel plate and it seemed fine but when any pressure was added to the bolts to tighten it up it just folded further in so I had made some nice long bushes and fitted these with new bolts and sourced nylock nuts so now it can be tightened without bending the main frame, and now its fine no wobbles at all and it does exactly what it should.

I have had the aluminium type with the handle but that handle can get in the way.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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