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Avon - a case of the crabs

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With the southwesterlys during the week I felt like a bass bash. Also I got a nice deal on a Shakespeare Agility 70 off of here in the clearance sale so I wanted to get out and bed her in.

Tide times last night were not ideal, however a nice bit of lunch and a nice bit of comedy mid afternoon (arsenal) led me to think twice about going out, during the afternoon I was in half a mind to be honest. A bit of a sly afternoon kip and the clock was 6pm....the waiting had stopped.

A bit of grub with the missus then a kiss goodbye and the gear in the car, I could almost had been going into military service...

This night I was hoping would be the night for a biggy, and I was optimistic...I dunno if anyone else does this but in a situation when I'm chasing a tide/condition/venue I always seem to check if I'm in a race on the road to get down with other fisherman, paranoia gets the best of me and i'm always looking out for the rods hanging into someones front passenger side....haha

So I got down to the venue near the car park, wind was non existent I knew i'd have to wait for the tide to come in at about I thought i'd go where I usually go to know the "spot", but unfortunately somebody (see a post from a few weeks back) had that spot already....turned out to be grumpy guts from before i think, they were there probably way before high tide started I can tell you, and if anyone knows this venue on a spring it goes out for miles. maybe they are the type who queue up for the boxing day sales?

Unpacking I could see the CCAC match going on.....I dunno what it is with matches from a distance but at this particular section from a distance I always seem to think the lights all look like the Elves in Santa Claus the movie...twinking all working in tandem to bring in that biggest Colin or Pout haha.

Onto my ever so boring night and I fished with just frozen black and some frozen mackie from last weekends ray hunt with crackoffcolin. I thought i'd wait till the tide started to be worth while fishing and did 10 lug sausages and a Mac and Fries (lug and slice of mackie).

Tide was coming in, and didn't i know it, going for some water to defrost the bait this bloddy idiot misjudged and get soaked up to me ankles sinking into the shingle DOH

So baited up and bursting for a cuppa I was out with the first cast to see what was what and to begin the night. A few pulls which amounted to chaff all and stripped size 3/0's didn't signal a good night. I tried hitting my casts a bit into where the place i'd hit if i was on the usual section but nada.

A few more casts and I was even bringing crabs in, I thought I'd hold and see if anything was even bighting, they just wern't, it was just that irritating rattle of crab...this wasn't good. It thought i'd time this one so two hours up i'd get the big guns out, wack one out as far as I could and and pray no crabs...god the time went so quickly, before I knew it it was 930..then 1015...high was 11, again yielded no success. It was a good job I had cheap lug and left over mackie thats for sure as I would not had been amused with the bleeding blighters nicking the bait.

I contemplated using one as bait but at 11pm I couldn't be was game over from me and time to pack up. I suspect a lot of crabs are about now at this spot to due a bit of fresh coming out of the Harbour and lack of frosts.

Sadly no fish but I wetted my new reel/line and got out for the night.

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Enjoyed that, cracking title, absolute winner. Shame about a bite in the rear end from the Blankerwolf but unbowed I suspect you will be back at them soon.
Good luck mate
Stevo T
Cheers steveo, I thought id give it a bit of jackanory to at least feel like I hadn't been bitten by blanker wolf,

I will certainly be back with 10 black lug again, I've had a bass each month so far since I popped my cherry back in October time.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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