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Having got in touch with an old workmate through this site (thanks Simon) we spoke Friday morning to arrange a trip together.

Well all that talk about fishing got the juices running, just had to get out and wet a line.

So Friday afternoon about 15.00 I announced to to her who must be obeyed I'm going fishing, (got that look you know it) having read a report on here a couple of weeks ago that the Ting had moved on from Dungie off I went.:clap:

Stopped off at Tesco's to get a couple of pies for dinner, sold out not looking good. Off I head down the A21 window open 'cos air cons not working and in flies a wasp and lands in my lap (not Good) managed to get it out without being stung (looking better).:thumbdown

Finally arrived on the beach 18.00 in the water 19.00,:clap: one rod long withe whole squid, the other short with fresh lug. short rod produces a Ting.:thumbdown

And so it went on all night until 01.00 . Some casts producing two Ting per hook. Plus just for a change 1 Crab.

The moral of the story has to be don't believe all you read.:nono:

As I was packing up I spotted a strange sight about 10 meters out a small red light bobbing about in the water. Took me a while to work out somebody down the beach must have lost a tip light. :sad2:

Final score 18 Ting and 1crab. :fishing::fishing::fishing:
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