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Does anyone know why I can buy some rag and frozen bait (sandeel, mackie, black lug, razor clams) in Borth early on Saturday morning. I know the shop in Borth high street sells frozen bait, does anyone know the phone number so I can call ahead to find out what time he opens and what he has in the freezer.

Travelling from Birmingham and don't want to have to wait until the shop in Aber opens.


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john mason man to ask ,i lost the number but if hes not open go to the post office next door they will give him a bell for you he usualy comes on his bike lol ,,he isnt rely open too much out of season ,if not bait shops in abber ,if your passing brum wing yip neachels frozen fresh squid and mackerel open early till late maybe you could pick it up day before you go ,,get all my bait there 5 lb squid boxes the mackerel is fresh and cheaper than bait shop

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Not sure what my Brummie colleague is on about there. Anyway:

If you are desperate for bait and cannot get it en-route or the day before, a detour to Tywyn will find Barry:

Tywyn to Aberdyfi has similar conditions to Borth. If you ring Barry in advance you will know what he has in - usually much of what you have listed. But don't ring him at silly o'clock and no I have never supplied bait to a soul. Advice at times. Just to set things as they are.....

What time you heading down?

PM me if you want. Cheers - John
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