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Fished the Barrage yesterday(7.4.07) with my 11 year old son.This was his first session casting by himself rather than me helping him!Liam cast out put the rod in the rest tightened up put his bell on the rod tip (I hate those things but he thinks it's lucky!) turned back to bait up my bass rod when we heard tingaling Liam struck and missed his first bite!Baited him up again he cast out put the bell on I returned to my baiting up when I heard tingaling again and he had another bite!This one he hit and the result was a 7" whiting!I then managed to cast out and I had a bite resulting in a 12" whiting that was gut hooked,I dispatched this and put the head and guts into my prawn net and dropped this down the side to see if there were any shrimps about.
We carried on having a bite a cast for the next hour in which time I set up a livebait rod with an Indiana Jones livebait rig(you cast out a plain lead on the end of your leader and attach a hook tied to a link swivel baited with your livebait,then you sing the Indiana Jones theme tune as the livebait descends to the sea!)Liam then had a massive bite and hooked a codling around the 2lb mark!This was his first so we dispatched it to join the whiting from earlier in a fish pie for tea.I then checked the net to find it empty,so I put the head and guts of the codling in the net and returned it to the depths.20 minutes later hauled up the net to find a couple of shrimps baited these up in the hope of a bass NO CHANCE! More whiting on the shrimps!
We ended up with a codling one sizable whiting and about 15-20 pin whiting.Liam was made up as he caught his first codling had icecreams on tap from the cafe,and as a further plus we both caught the sun!A very pleasant morning!
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