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Well I broke my Barry Dock cherry last night.
Fished with Bushmeat, RXR & a few of the locals.
For my amusement, as well as bread I took a freezer bag, a fiver of rag & a jar of garlic granules. If you want eels put the rag in the freezer bag with a good dollop of garlic & shake. On the downside, I stink of garlic, as does all my gear & all who fished with me. No bass though.
Me; 2 green eels
Bushmeat; 1 mullet on the float.
RXR; A 3foot conger on float fished bread!!!
another chap had two mullet as well.
Mucho humour on another of Bushys long sessions courtesy of RXR!!
Fun night, not my favourite venue though!!
nice to meet Sabretooth as well!

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Nice session there brolly......conger....on bread? Whatever next? Next you'll be telling me you can catch codling around here in
Well done :thumbs:
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