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Arrived with Jim (1810barney) in pevensey bay just before 2. Very windy still but no rain. HT was 2.25pm. Target species - Bass and cod. Set 2 rods each. Jim using 1 pennel rig with squid and the other 1 large hook flapper with lug. I had 2 hook flapper with lug on one rod and a pennel rig with squid and lug on the other. Chucked out as far as the strong wind would let us. It didnt take long to get the 1st bite which ended up as the 1st whiting. Shortly after and I had another bite and a pout was the result. The forecast was for the wind to disappear and the rain to come down. Well neither had happened for the 1st couple of hours. About 5 though the rain started and the wind calmed down. I had a steady lot of bites all of which were whiting. I had changed my pennel rig for a 1 hook flapper with a whole lug. Jim was holding out for the biggies. He had a few bites and a couple of whiting. As it got dark, about 7, (nearly winter!!!), the wind had all but disappeared and the rain was coming down steadily. But not torrential. And it was remarkably warm. The foxes were on the prowl as well, Nearly had Jims bait a number of times. Anyway the bites were still coming and the occasional whiting hit the shore. We packed up about 8.30. A bit dissappointed that no bass or cod had been caught. I ended with 13 whiting and a pout, Jim I think had 5 whiting.

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