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Evening all, just a quick write up of mine and my mates little plugging adventure we had yesterday at Talland Bay. We arrived there at about 2 in the afternoon and headed straight out onto the rocks where the conditions were looking perfect. We both started plugging quite far apart and it wasnt long until i heard a cry from my mate mike behind. I looked over and saw him holding the end of his line up with some weird looking substance on the end of it and it wasnt long that i realised he had caught a jellyfish. (at least he wasnt gunna come away with a blank lol) After about 20 minutes or so i cast out my plug and a fish took it as soon as it hit the surface, and it felt like a nice fish. Without much of i fight i got it close in and was expecting to see a pollock break the surface but was surprised to see a healthy sized bass appear. Trying to contain my hard on, i landed it on the rocks to the cheers of the rock poolers behind me where i dehooked it and despite it being over the legal limit (it was about 2 - 2 1/2 lbs) i threw it back in to fight another day. Things soon became quiet here so we decided to go to another rocky location about 15 mins walk away. At about halfway i stopped for a *** break and lost mike. "where the f**ks he gone??!!" i thought and it wasnt till i walked on a bit further that i noticed a butt crack sticking up the air and mikes face in a rock pool. "What the hell are doing?"
"im trying to catch some minnows"
"alright then ill leave u to your minnow tickling, im guna catch some real fish!" so i left him to it and carried on plugging. After about another hour so we had no joy so we decided to call it a day. Luckily we got back to the car just as the rain came in.

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