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Technically I have caught bass before, but all via SWFF near Herne Bay and all undersized. But being a decent home cook (WSF took up my idea of having a ‘Cooking your catch‘ forum some years ago) - I've been trying for a dinner-sized fish for years and following years of blanking followed by more information-gathering on this site and more recently some interesting recent reports from the likes of Action man and Stormtrooper, this weekend I went for the baited approach and picked up some black lug and mini-squid from my local Ron Edwards tackle shop. High tide was around 3:30pm Saturday and I arrived at ‘the mark’ around 1pm after a long walk. Stuffing the party squid’s head with the lug, I wrapped it up in bait elastic and chucked it out, (pulley pennel) only around 10 metres out as I’d seen them in close recently. The sun was out and the sea uber-calm (and quite clear due to an offshore (southerly) wind behind me). Settling down on a rock with a flask of soup I looked up after hearing the rattling crash of the tripod going over on the shingle and scrambled to grab the rod. After a short tussle, in came my first ‘proper’ bass. I didn’t weigh it, but it was 47cm and I was as chuffed as can be. Guessing it was around 2.5 to 3lb? I cooked it ‘en papilotte-style’, i.e in a paper parcel in the oven, with some Thai flavours for the wife and I and wow was it good! So thanks all for the info and reports over the years, my patience was rewarded. Will try the night-time approach next trip I think...
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