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I am also interested in trying to catch Bass as well as other species on the fly.
I live in the north west and would like to know of any good marks/suitable beaches for fly fishing as well as any immitations to be used.
I have fly fished in both Cuba and Maritius and it's great sport but would like to try it in this country.
Hope that someone can hep !!!

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I do this from the boat when I am out alone. Best at dawn and dusk in amongst rocks where there is some current. .Look for the edge of a current with slack water at the side, I find fishing the edge gets the most bites. I use sandeel type in white and blue, they work the best for me. No expert in this as I only started last year.

Another good place is over the sandbanks where the water is so shallow the dorsal fin on the bass is breaking the surface, they go like an express when you get them in this situation. Very similar to sight casting to bonefish on the flats in Florida, except for the weather :D :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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