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Hi my mate and I tried for the bass- staurday evening down a productive mark for him- best two last year 9lbs 12 oz and 8lbs 8oz same ses.
Best two this year only 5lbs 2oz and 4lbs 12 oz for us both respectively

So back to the point picked a few crab - NEARLY ALL VELVET NO RED and hardly any shore?? MILLIONS OF STAR FISH UNDER ROCKS - FIFTY OR MORE IN SOME POOLS#????

Then long walk down cliffs to the first gully- my mate Mark first fish 10oz on 5/0 vivaris -greedy bugger.

Me snagged about 6 times. My mate followed up with another 3 to about 2lbs -no biggies.................

I hooked a small rockling also on a 5/0 but looked like the dreaded bass blank for the second time :sad2:

Third gully and last one to fish before off home and I shouted classic bass bite -strike - classic small bass fight - guess what?????????

But a smallish Lobster gave a good bite and a tidy scrap to but not a bass.

Last cast - I cram 5 shore crabs on my 5/0 hook lob 15 yards

Bite strike and I break my two session bass blank- 2lbs 2oz.-JUST UNDER 17 INCHES.

On a sad note the fish was with blood -so left in a pool to recover bit soon the pool was red with blood.iT DIED SOON AFTER I HATE KEEPING BASS!! ALTHOUGH I DO LOVE THEM!!

Having said that 99% off all our bass go back - including ALL of the big uns so one for te pot by default cant be too bad..

All in all not the worst day.........JUST A HELL OF A WALK BACK TO CAR
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