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Bay of plenty............................................ ..... but not what we wanted

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With a good tide and nice weather headed to sandwich bay last night. Showed up at 8:30pm and no one was fishing very strange. Well no one was fishing in the area were we where. 3 of us fishing 5 rods 2 for rays with fish baits 1 set up for live bait one general with a 3 hook flapper and one close in for flat fish. Had one slack line bite at 10pm ish but missed it. Mostly had pin whiting, Pounting, Dog fish and one lonely codling. We fishing at various ranges used rag, lug, squid and fish baits. Last cast of the evening and we thought we had hooked a skate. When we got it in it was a big a**e dog fishing that was hooked in the tail.
It is nice to see the fish numbers increasing and it does look promising for next year and the year after but till now anything decent has yet escaped me ones more and still waiting on the first skate on 2014.
Mind you if your not out there to fish you can wait even longer but its just nice to be out fishing again.
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unlucky mate. they are there, my mate had one of 10lb saturday night just after high tide at the slipway
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