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Fished a mark close to severn beach this morning ,just to pass an hour so to speak.
Squid,Mackie and prawn were the baits plus some salted rag i thought i would try.Bite after bite on the rag,all coming short tho apart from one flounder of about three quarters of a pound.Using Mustad aberdeen hooks size four ,what carp ,blunted at slightest thing and bend like rubber .
Nothing on the other baits till start of the ebb,and a squid lobbed out twenty yards was picked up with a stonking bite,leaned into it and solid into the bottom.Left it alone whilst i packed the other rod away and suddenly off it went again ,a brief tussle got me a squirming silver eel of about two pounds ,how ever did the blighter swallow a whole squid.
Never mind ,better than blanking,no more mustad hooks for me tho.
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