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Does anyone have any experience of Belly Boats/Float Tubes? I had associated them with fresh water fishing, but last week went to the Baltic Coast in search of sea trout (failed miserably - wind in wrong direction?!).

Anyway, there were a couple of guys fishing 100-400m off shore in Belly Boats (seemed cold), but at least they got a couple of decent sized cod, whereas most of the 30 or so shore anglers blanked.

(Also I am thinking of a trip to a small island off the north sea coast of Germany, just south of Denmark and am told that there is virtually no chance of fish from the shore (commercial overfishing!!) so a belly boat may be a possible answer.

So, any advice (would have to be limited to winds of 1-2 off shore, or 3-4 on shore and of course life jacket and waders would be essential).

Have been advised the new Shakespeare Salt float tube is worth a look.

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