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A wee hangover lost its edge in the morning and I was raring to go down to meet Neil and a few other at Berwick this afternoon. I dug some lug and got a punnet of prawns and mussels from Tesco and headed down the A1.

Neil was just ready to launch when I got there so he headed off with a brief point to the north saying he would be in that general direction. Another of our party arrived, sorry I am hopeless with names, as I was getting set to trolley down to the beech and we exchanged pleasantries before I made the paddle out to Neil and the others. It was a good 20-30 minute paddle to get out to the mark for me against the wind. I suspect the Dorados did it a good deal quicker.

Neil's brother, Alan I think, had reported good fishing in the morning so we were hopeful for a good session. It started well for me with a decent Wrasse fist drop of around 2lb.

The drift was pretty quick so we were having to paddle back to the mark quite often. After couple of drops I was into a keeper of a Cod. Looking good at this point.

Another couple of decent Wrasse followed but the fishing wasn't as good as we had hoped.

There was a fair chop earlier on but the wind had started to drop and the tide had turned making it really quite pleasant.

Another few Cod for me and the others had switched to trolling Jellies for Pollock.

A good few of these were caught by Neil and the others most a decent size.

After a fishless last hour and a bit for me I followed the others in. The surf was kicking up a bit at the landing point and Neil was having a right old play. He misjudged it once and paid the price with a tumble out a few feet from the beech. I thought I had manged to avoid the surf by staying further left but right at the last minute got hit side on. I was lucky to stay on but some tackle got swept onto the beech. A quick tidied up retrieved the tackle and a few bits of rubbish.

I gutted the fish and tried to lift the Yak onto the trolley but couldn't manage. After looking into the wee hatch at the back it was obvious what the problem was. There was 2-3 " of water in the Yak. A quick look at the front hatch revealed the problem. I must have not secured it properly on the way out and there was a gap which the waves breaking over the bow would have exploited as well as the near dunking at the end. No harm done this time but lesson learnt.

Grand total for me was 5 Cod, 4 of which I kept, annd 3 decnt Wrasse.

A quick blether with Neil and back up the road after a stop for a pie supper at the chippie.

Many thanks for the invite Neil and hope to fish together soon.
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