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Morning WSF

bass fishing he started to oroduce the goods here in jersey. The fish are in the plenty for this time of the year. Not just one or two places producing I’m seeming to find them everywhere.

the recent Stock up of fiiish black minnows is really helping. Are these the best sea bass lures ever made - behind the patch?

check out the latest video. And enjoy. LeVe a comment or even share her.

Thanks FC


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hi fc great vid mate
were all looking and droolin lols
one little thing i will say to those that dont know is holding a fish up by its mouth is a no no
what happens is the limaments that hold the internal organs to the spine tear
they swim off ok but die later
allways support the stomach
its been shown in the states 60% of the stripers dont make it due to this
not having a pop
just a bit of info ive heard about from the states
love the under water vid as well
god i so want to get out lols bazz
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