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my first ever fishing trip...i nagged my brother to take me,,as i had just got back in contact with him after 18 years or so...

he lent me a rod and reel(Which i destroyed!lol)

i caught 3 congers in 15 mins off ogmore beach..

Rod started to bend all over the place,,,,not knowing,i asked my brother "is this a bite"?

he laffed his ass off,,and told me i better strike it...

did so,,and started reeling in...Nothing!!!..i said he was talking rubbish,,then,,,

I nearly lost my right arm,as the rod pulled down so first fish..a huge conger...(reel got destroyed as i was using it as a of three that 15Mins!!!!!!

great times..thanx bro
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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