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I was live baiting for bass, Uglystick Ultra Lite spinning rod, Shimano Exage with 6lb fluro, a 1/0 hook and a live launce. Got a take that took off and I couldn't stop it. My son fired up the engine and kept up with the fish, not an easy job as we were in Caernarfon Bar and he had to keep to the channels between the banks. I really thought it was that magical 20lb bass. After 40 minutes we tailed an 18lb tope. A quick weigh and it was returned.

Of all the fish I have had that one was the biggest kick I ever had, not just the sport I had but the way my son handled the boat in a very tricky bit of water.

I think the size of the fish is unimportant to me, it is the circumstances of the catch that give me a buzz. I was out in Florida and had a day on a charter catching 40lb mackerel, 60lb grouper and 500lb+ shark. In the evening I had a walk down the pier with my float rod and a bucket of live prawn. I hooked and landed a baby hammerhead of about 40lb that night and got a bigger buzz than any from the fish on the charter that day.
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