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<font color='#000000'>Hi,

My friend and I really enjoy sea fishing but ive in London, what are the best marks that can be reached within a 2 hour drive?

Usually we go to Brighton Marina and fish off the walls there, but it so busy in summer (especially the traffic getting there&#33;) that I would like to find other locations.



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<font color='#000000'>Ive tried a lot of the south coast venues... Dover is very good Try Royal charllotte with Mick coker... hes a character and a bit dry at times and fussy but hes knows where the fish are and I have had some great days fishing especially on the Varne ... bass, huge mackeral and bream and when the times right boxes of cod to twenty pound... not every trip but its good &nbsp;in general and a nice boat .and a nice place to fish.... If you really want big stuff try Electic blue out of Lymington ask for a conger outing> They only go a few &nbsp;times &nbsp;ayear for tides and the light ... its awsome we landed about sixty fish up to 90lbs allwent back bar four 76-79-83-89 lbs its a mega day &nbsp;but you have to ask well inadvance... Timurlin out of newhaven is a great boat for bass Hes had some graet fish</font>
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