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Best to start with.....

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I've spent a bit of time this evening reading a few of the stickies and threads.

Going to buy myself a spinning rod, which is the easy bit. There just seems a massive amount of different types of lures/plugs to pick from. I know people's choices are down to where they fish and personal preference but are there some basic tried and tested lures that should be purchased at the outset to cover off?

I will be looking to fish Loughor Estuary, as well as trying a few gower marks from the rocks etc.

Also wondering if bait fishing from shore with one rod, whether it's practical to use the spinning rod at same time with lure depending on conditions?

I bought myself a couple of Flying C's the other day but the rest seems a minefield.
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Savage gear sandeel in real pearl.. 12.5cm model. I used to bait fish and lure at the same time and is ok.. but with lure fishing you move around a lot. If you don't catch within 10-20 mins you need to move. Bait fishing your kinder committed to the one spot.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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