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Bexhil Sunday

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Fished from low tide at 06.20 (with a hangover), using lug I had pumped the afternoon before. Sea was more or less flat with very little surf although the tide pushed in quickly.

Two rods up both with Bomber rigs on Pennels 3s & 2s going for Bass!!. By the time I was backed onto the shingle I had managed three Colins!!

Changed one rod to a Wessex with 1s above and a 3 below put a Gemini splashdown clip on the remaining bomber rig and punched it out as far as I could.

The Wessex rig caught a small flounder within five minutes and then all went very quiet for half an hour. I decided to pack up as dehydration was getting the better of me (rushed out the door without a flask).

Faffing about trying to put the Wessex rig away neatly when the Bomber rod pulled down sharply. Watched it for a minute then it knocked again but only lightly. I wacked onto it but the line reeled in without any signs or feeling of a fish. Then just as the shock leader was starting to show it went sideways, I jumped over the groyne next to me and then had to jump back over again. Then I had the best ten yards fishing of my life. This resulted in a largish bass sitting at my feet.

The next quarter of an hour is a blur but as I walked off the beach I went over to a fella setting up, he asked me if I had had any luck! I showed him my catch and he brought out a piece of equipment from the 1950s that suggested 6 pounds, when I got home my bit of kit from the 1980s suggested 5 3/4 pounds.

Two things I know now, one, adrenelin clears hangovers fast, two, my knots aint too shabby! picture below hopefully


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Nice fish :thumbs:
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