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Nice to hear there's a few fish as we're down there on Saturday. Couldn't agree more with about the rubbish - gives angling a bad name and well done to you for taking the trouble to clear more than your share away :clap3: Perhaps if Ian reads this we could make it a minor point of our meet on Saturday? :idea:
Ian read it yesterday and he gave up on beach cleans about a year ago when he orginised one at ferrybridge, got it in the Press and Radio, secured free parking, food and drink and had about 20 people off this site say they would be there!
3 people turned up and they were the guys that helped me sort it out.

If anyone else wants to sort one out i will be there but i aint investing any more of my own time doing it because you end up being insulted by the
"we think it is discusting" brigade
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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