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Hi all....Well at last I have broken my run of blanked sessions:clap2:

Fished West Bexington from 9 until 5, high tide was around 11:45. Started of with 2 rods fished on the bottom one with whole peeler and another lighter rod with a baited with rag, which second cast brought a nice sized Black Bream of 1lbs 8oz.

The mackies were about during the day, with a few people fishing for them straight infront of the carpark, but the water was a littled coloured close in. I took enough for bait and a couple to eat.

Apart from the Bream and mackies nothing else to report....Well unless count Spider Crabs and other peoples lost traces!!LOL!!

I lost 9 hooks to crabs during the wire traces might be a good idea at the mo...LOL

But BIG thing that HACKED ME OFF:mad: was the mount of rubish left by other anglers....rolled up balls of line, empty bait packets, baited rigs and even a reel!! I filled 2 carrier bag's within 50yrds radius of my fishing spot.

Please guys take you stuff home...

Tight Lines....

Hope this's my first catch report on here.
Nice to hear there's a few fish as we're down there on Saturday. Couldn't agree more with about the rubbish - gives angling a bad name and well done to you for taking the trouble to clear more than your share away :clap3: Perhaps if Ian reads this we could make it a minor point of our meet on Saturday? :idea:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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