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took one look , saw the boat , turned it off ...

Never ever been impressed with boat caught doubles , when you have fished the race and wrecks like i have , with 3 top anglers on every boat i have been on ,

(i am not a top boat angler , but have caught plenty of doubles off a boat , that i dont count on my list )

Just last year , a skipper took his son out here , (he had never fished before ) 2 drops , 2 doubles , ask joe , he was there when skipper told us ,

15 half , and nearly 13 ,,, shads i believe ,, Great skill from a boat .... :blink::nonono::yucky:

I know people with little boats and yaks will not give a monkeys , and there doubles are meaning full , but when your on a boat that was pulling up 15 doubles a trip ,

over reefs and wrecks , it very hard for me to get excited , and for that im truly sorry :sad2:

Give me a shore caught 6 to 8 pounder any day of the week , lots more skill and effort to get the thing IMHO , :thumbs:

Knees are going , ill be on a boat one day , but it wont be any skill involved believe me ,,, numbers and size will be silly , easier than shelling peas ...

Still a cracking fish , but a bass of a life time is SHORE caught imho . :thumbs:

Am loving the sea spin lures ,, have a fair few my self , they love the long mommoti this time of year and early season ...

The pro q surface lures are VERY VERY good to :thumbs: great prices to
hear hear mark, bit like the tropical sailfish, someone else drives the boat finds the fish prepairs the bait and tackle then drives the boat until someone else winds the fish in for the photo after being told what to do.
CRB been the top colour on the seaspins and they dont leak either

one exception on the double bass from the boats that old guy who had the record pictured on plymouth hoe, by all accounts hed row out to the eddystone on his own with his redgill in an opentop boat to be fair thats some effort.
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