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Very slow fishing on the beaches today
not much doing for hours then right on Hi-water i go for a walk to speak to john Levo further up the beach.
heared the crys of john redmond that my rod was going mental in the rest.
Ran back at the speed of light and had a short tussle with this lump!

Quick weigh on johns scales, she comes out at 8lb 13oz

Quick pic before returning to the sea

A new PB for me, the double just round the corner (i hope)


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Well done mate, lovely looking fish, especially for up here.

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What more can I say but WOW!:clap3:

Chris and his pals have been on fire this season down on the Holderness coast with many great reports but this one tops the lot.

Nobody deserves to have caught such a nice fish and new personal best more than Chris.

I bet it was a great freeling to see it slide back unharmed and back to the sea where it belongs, hats off to you and at this rate I don't think it will be long before you better that record.:)

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Well done Macky, you deserve it with all the help you pass on to people!!

I got my first decent Bass yesterday in Scotland on the plug, was well chuffed. God knows how I would have felt if it was as big as that!!
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