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Hi guys,

After a little walk down to the surf to try and decide if I could get a bait to stay in the water I decided to try my luck with a handfull of lug I pumped over the previous days.
Headed to my local spot on the jetty behind the meeting place cafe in hove at 1030.

Winds were gusting SW and the break was huge with a very long swell as I'm sure you could imagine if you were outside today. Couple of pics.

Lost my packet of hooks in the wind when trying to rig up so left only able to use one rod and a pretty big hook that I took out of a soft plastic from my box. Had to set up half way down the jetty as the end was being broken by the waves continuously. After timing my sprint to the end between waves to cast, I finally got my first (ungutted, be interested to know weather people have any preference with fresh outs to gut or not to gut?) Lug out past the break by 1100.

The only way I could get any type of bite detection was if I angled my rod away from sea and bent over against the lead whilst trying to keep it high up out of the breaks. At about 11:20 the rod fell back towards me and I thought the swell had lifted the lead off the bottom. Just as I lifted the rod I realised it was a slack line and it started making a run.

Having never thought I'd get this far, all that was going through my head was , 'that hook is way too big' and 'I wish I was on the pebbles and not 5m above them without a net'. I had no idea how big it was and could only assume it was a Bass in these conditions. But it really went for it and I only just got it over the submerged wall further out in the water when I saw it's massive mouth and I knew it was a bass. All that was left was to time it up the beach through a ten meter long swell....finally my prize was laying in the foam on the shingle!

Pictures below, it's my biggest bass of the year (so far!). Measured 46-48cm (I only have a 20cm ruler) and 2lb9oz on the kitchen scales at home. He was followed by two more that were both smaller but legal. Both returned then no more action as HT arrived along with a sh*t load of weed.

So that was my day. I'll be trying again tomorrow, if the winds don't get any stronger.




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