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Underwater Casting Using Spydro Underwater Video Camera!

I'm still trying to figure out how to properly use my Spydro Underwater fishing cam. I think i got it. So i went casting off a pier. I also used Big Vic's Bait Netting to make "bait bags" which i filled with shrimp. The bag helps protect the bait from being devoured to early by bait stealers. Up till now i don't think anyone has ever filmed the reaction of fish towards the bait bag. Until now.

I used the Spydro for 4hrs & still had 49% power left as it was set to record when the unit was disturbed. But after 1pm the area went dead so i stopped. A modification i made on site was adding weight to the cam's back end. I noticed through my WiFi camera feed that the unit was nose heavy. So i ran a 1oz lead egg on the main line which slightly tilted the cam's lens so the view was more "even" instead of looking down. This unit was made more for usage on a boat from bottom jigging to trolling. I've adapted it to shore casting.

Worked out pretty good! Of course you don't want to cast the unit in areas where it can be hung-up like in reef or artificial structures. So i chose a sandy flat that i never got hung-up on. Always choose an area you're familiar with before using. I used a soft bait, shrimp. I know bait bags work, i've caught fish many times before using bait bags. So it was good to see how the fish reacts with it. Just sit back and enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery:)

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