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As I spent last years birthday stuck in a hospital bed with various tubes inserted into unmentionable places I was determined to get out this and do a bit of fishing so acting on info from Saturdays POW meet I headed to the Isle of Sheppey and spent the afternoon in a carpark (No not that type of afternoon ;) :D)
I fished 1 rod with Bluey on a pully pennal rig and the other with worm on a loop rig and was into a fish on the first cast and ended up with 1 bass and 9 whiting.
How does a small whiting swallow a 2/0 hook with half a bluey attached?

another one for the comps/species list

I like places wher I can fish near the car and this is one of them

All I have to do now is find a spot on Sandwich Bay where I can do the same

nice one mate that is the type of fishing i have to do now as i have had two back ops cant walk to far nice to see the bass tight lines zzippy
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