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Hi Leeshore,

I only take the Male Rays and return the Females, and that is only when the freezer is MT.

They are a lovely fish to look at but horrible to handle, no matter how often you wash them they remain slimy

You only eat the wings.

If you look at a ray from above, you will see that the head and body are a figure of eight. With a sharp knife cut round the outside of the figure of eight severing the wings from the body. The next thing is to remove the skin, this is quite difficult but again with a sharp knife, a pair of pliers and pleanty of patience you will do it. Trim the outside of the wings with a pair of scissors and it is ready for the oven. Never overcook them as they can be tough to eat.

Nearly all the fish that we catch are lovely to look at but they are there for eating as are other forms of animal life. I fish for the pot and return those that are unwanted. I never take more than I need and I dont feed my neighbours or cats.


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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