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blowlug tail trouble

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im using a 2 hook rig top hook clips up and bottom hook clips down, i thread my lug along the hook starting with its head then the hook comes out the lug near its tail, i use a pendulum cast. i find the tails on both lug come of as i cast, between 1 and 5 meters in front of me in mid flight and iv treid adjusting the power of my casts but no luck also iv tried different worm sizes but the same heppens.
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2 be honest with u i can thead a bait on the hook ok but i also use a needle sometimes it puts a worm on the hook perfectly for bait presintation but i think it's ur personal choice

alright, il live without tails. might try a needle are they good or not because i have no problem threading them on a hook so would it be pointles buying 1?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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