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Hi all,
The natural progression that is Sea fishing has caught up with me again.
I've had boats on the sea since I was sixteen, starting with a Fletcher Arrow, soon got bored with flying about and decided I wanted to try fishing. I bought a Shetland 535 and 60hp Johnson, again soon got bored and wanted to go bigger, I then bought a Colvic Sea Worker 22 with a BMC 2.2 diesel I did'nt get bored so quickly with this one, but eventually the "need for speed" got me and I bought a Hardy 24 initially with a 135hp BMW diesel, then a Mercruiser 180hp diesel, as I only owned half of this one, when my partner in crime was made redundant it had to go.
I am now considering my next boat, I want to go bigger, 30-33 foot and I want to cruise at a minimum of 14kts, this obviously comes at a price, and the biggest cost after the purchase of the boat and mooring fees is going to be diesel!
The chancellor announced in his budget that the derogation will take place from 1st November 2008 so I've got 20 months at the cheap rate.
My main concern is the cost from November 2008, I've been looking at the specifications of the engine options available on several boats, and on average fourteen gallons an hour at cruising speed is quoted.
These figures cannot be relied upon, this is where I hope you may all be able to help.
The boats I've been looking at are.
Powerglide 30
Evolution 33-30
Offshore 105
Aquabell 33
If anyone has any true consumption figures can they please post them to give me some idea, also anyone who has a boat not listed that I may have overlooked please also list.
Many thanks
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