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Hope the mods don't mind, but if this is in the wrong place or against the rules, I'm sure you'll know what to do.

the 5th annual NESA boat comp is being organised for the 28th may from the Tyne if any one is interested in taking part. Private boats are more than welcome and there may be some overnight berths in the royal quays for anyone coming any distance. there's also still some places left on the charter boats for the event as well.

Its a species hunt, with a HSF prize as well, 5 points for the first fish of any particular species, and 1 point for each additional fish from the same species, starts 8am abck in by 4.30. from the entrance fees, half goes to the prize fund the rest to the RNLI. there 's usually a healthy prize table as well donated from local tackle shops/ manufactureres etc

over the last few years we've raised just short of £10,000 for the RNLI and its usually a cracking day ( there's more info here:

places on the charter boats are £30 per person, private boats £17.50 per person

PM me here (or on the NESA site) or email at [email protected]


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