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Boat mooring/storage - Cardiff

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Well it"s getting towards that time of the year where despite the dismal winter fishing out of Cardiff last winter I am thinking of bringing my boat from the Gower to Cardiff for 3 months.
Last year I brought her down for Nov, Dec & January. I put her in Walton Marine (Cardiff Bay)where I could leave her on the trailer & launch as & when on their slip (this was easier than a wet mooring as I didn"t need to anti-foul her or change the anodes). Cost last year for 3 months was £370.
I am wondering if anyone knows of a cheaper place where I could leave her on the trailer that has a slip so that I can launch when I like.
Thanks in advance.

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Not sure if i'm right in saying,but joining cardiff bay yatch club at i think £200 and using their slip may work out cheaper,though i'm not sure how much for three months storage would be but i doubt its £170 worth.
Just a thought it may work out cheaper,certainly worth a phone call.
Did u manage to get to Lundy at all through the summer if you can call it that?
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