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had an invite saturday night for a trip out on my mates boat catching the 9.00am lock .. headed straight over to lundy island arrived there at around 10.45am
within 5 mins of our arival the sea mist came down and we had about 50ft visability on with the radar and all was well but it did still make life a bit difficult as there were pots everywhere but never mind first few drifts produced 11 nice size 4lb pollock then it went a little slow so we decided to go further on and have look at a couple of wrecks on the plotter.. the 1st was flat we search for a little while and give up so we moved to the next couple which looked really promising as they came up off the bottom aoround 18ft but did not produce any fish but did manage to loose a **** load of gear ...we moved back to lundy and fished for about 1 1/2 hrs had another 20 odd pollock 8 coalies....things went quite again so
tried a few mid channel banks which once again produced nothing.. still a little earlly i think ..we then fished the remainder of the day on the knoll bank and had a couple of dabs & pin whiting..
caught the 8.00pm lock back in and all in all it was a great expereince for me as i myself have never gone 55 miles from port before

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