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Got on an individual trip at short notice, and set off a little later than the expected 2:30 due to the strange tides and gate opening process at Watchet.

Still, a beautiful day and a short steam out to a spot within sight of Blue Anchor, where the 8hr morning trip had been catching rays (biggest 11lb we were told). The 6 of us on board drop maccy and squid baits and sat to wait. Fishing turned out to be a little slow, and almost all dogfish...

One lady had a skate on one of the last casts of the day (estimated at about 5lb, and returned); we had one specimen fish - a channel whiting, and a total of 3 congers, 2 around 10lb and one a little larger - 2 of these ooked by yours truly... :)

Weather was beautiful, sea absolutely calm, but the fish weren't there for us in the end. We had a great day though, and I'll happily book with Sean again.

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