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Hi all
Was wondering about people's views:
I have a QS Pilothouse with Mariner 90hp outboard. Nice boat and I have fun fishing from her. Am thinking of upgrading to something that a)copes better with choppier seas b) has a bit more room inside ie a chart table/seating as opposed to just a helm and co-pilot seat. So that family can be a bit more comfortable when we go out and on longer trips.
I really like the Orkney 24 and also the Harley 25. Don't want to go much bigger than 25 feet tops 27 feet. Orkney doesn't seem to have seating, Harley does.
Ideally stern drive or inboard. What other boats do people think fit the bill? Arbvor Jeanneau.
Oh and for family a sea toilet!
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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