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Went out on tuesday decided to give boddin a go as the wind was mental and thot we would get some shelter from the ruins at the end.
Got there and set up for high tide around 15:30 and fished till 18:30 by this time the water had dropped to much to fish from the sheltered areas and the sea and wind was to rough to venture out on the flat rocks so decided to move. No action here to rough 7oz grip lead was getting chucked about that much you swore you had a fish on lol.
So went to arbroath harbour on the off chance there would be a cage free got there and there was only two people fishing so set up on cage 3 around two hours before low tide and about an hour in had a fish on got it up the wall and landed at my feet first one from the harbour (blanked on four previous visits) nice fish at 4lb then another about an hour later again 4lb one came off soon as it came out the water looked the same size as the others had three come off as a was reeling them in and had lots of bites in between so there was plenty of action and turned out to be an exciting nights fishing boy at cage 2 got one at 4lb too the other guy was fishing the bell no fish but said got lots of bites.
Headed home around 2am.
Ps- bait was mackie,squid,mussel.
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