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Afternoon All

After much deliberation as to where i would go to not catch anything i chose boundary road Kingsdown, went and had a quick nose bout 3PM to see what was going on, had a chat to a couple of blokes who had had a couple of schoolies, doggies and pout, so thought i was in with a shout for something at least.

headed down about six to find all the groynes being fished, wandered down to the last groyne and fished to the left off it, chucked out a sole rod no more than 30 yrds to the end of the groyne

and sent another as far as i could with a couple of peelers on it. hooks were coming back stripped each time and there was a fair bit of weed about.

started pulling some small pout out close in then one came in missing its entire middle section, mr bass may have been about, so out went another short cast hoping for a live bait, upon retrieval again a tiny bout with just its top half intact. if i had been using anything bigger than a size six would probably have had the bugger.

darkness fell, an incredibly calm see, no tide run, and the water was clearing quickly. nothing of note happened, fished through to about one where on the last chuck a big eel of about 2lb decided to make an appearance.

between the zetland and walmer castle there were probably a good thirty people fishing, and there was comp up towards the castle by the looks of things, but no one stuck it out and, one of the last to pack up and head home

bit dissapointing but was a nice evening out.
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