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A friend and I fished Bracelet Bay last night.We fished the right-hand side next to the restaurant. We got there about 7pm with high water being at 10.10. Baits used were peelers,Mackrel and squid.
A few taps and small knocks in the first couple of hours but nothing connected with.About an hour before top water I hit a school bass on crab which was about 1.5 pounds in weight. (the bass not the crab,lol)Typical schoolie knock,good hard thump and he hooked himself.(left plenty of hook-point showing) My friend also had a couple of doggies and a three bearded rockling. We both missed a couple of bites each after high water and left about midnight.
Nothing fantastic I know,but it was good to get out and blow out a few cobwebs and wet a line.
One disturbing thing we saw as a dead fox on the rocks. The one thing that was unusual about it was that it had had one of it's rear legs cut off from the knee down? Why anyone would want to do this I don't know? (it was a clean cut)
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