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hello all,

i had been invited to join a few lads fishing the breakwater last night, after a check of the tide i jumped at the chance as it looked good for a few spikeys.

there were only 5 of us in the end with 2 fishing the knuckle 2 around peg 50 and me on my tod at the west end. We started fishing at 6pm and i had small pout nailing baits down the wall immediately, one was hastily set up for freelining on a second rod and was soon back in the drink with a 3/0 in its back.

i had a run on the livebait which failed to connect with after about half an hour which made things look promising. i had a breadbag down an hour before low water and within half an hour i had quite a few mullet around mopping up the freebies i managed to land 2 the biggest about 3 1/2 lb max. scad were also putting in an appearance keping me busy and as it started to get dark i heard a few clicks of the ratchet on my rod with a mackeral fillet a few more clicks 10 seconds later had me holding the rod and responding to another gentle bite the result was a schoolie of about 1 1/2 lb, small , but a bass none the less i was off the mark and confident.

as the light faded i got myself ready for the nights proceedings donning my head lamp. it was at this point that i came unstuck. i vividly remember plugging my headlamp battery into the charger after my last trip i also remember seeing my girlfriends phone charger plugged in before i left the house. you guessed it i had no power, in her wisdom she had decided that the charging of my headlamp was not as important as the battery in her phone thus what should have been a bright beam of light was in fact a amber glow. my confidence faded.

after a hour of struggling in the dark i made a phone call to one of the party luckily 1 of the lads in the knuckle had a tilley lamp he didnt need and another leant me his back up headlamp so i was back in business, nice one boys!

i fished through till about 3am getting a 4lb bass again on mackeral fillet, plus more sub 2 lb schoolies, very tired now after a long day at work i had a quick lie down with my reels on the ratchet, i awoke at 5am quite cold:cold: so had a *** and drink and set about rebaiting my rigs, i caught 3 schoolies up to 2 1/2 lb in 3 drops on the pollack set up. then starting to fish for mullet again i landed another slightly smaller than the ones the evening before of about 2 1/2lb.

the only other fish i caught on wednesday was the smallest bass of just over a pound.

in total i had 7 bass, 3 mullet, loads of pout and maybe 8 or 9 scad and a mackeral.

the lowlight of the event was when the harbour pilot boat pulled my much loved zziplex primo and green mag elite into the harbour. they sank.:bye2: save for that it was a good 20 hour session if, with the loss of tackle, expensive.

if any kind hearted soul does find my setup and returns it to me it will be very much appreciated as i cant really afford to replace it at the mo, but hey ho - cest la vie.

all the best

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:thumbs:Excellent report, lets hope ya get ya gear back

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Great report on what sounds to have been a good session. Sorry to hear about your lost gear though, I'm not so sure I'd have been as philosophical myself - fingers crossed it'll be dragged up...
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