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Had a pal of mine Dan from Faversham come down today.He is new to boating and has bought a old cruiser boat in kent.
Weather looked good so told him to get up early and get to Brighton and I would see if i could get him a fish.
Took a cruise out to about 12 miles on a mirror flat sea to a wreck and lined up for our first drift.Just as the wreck started to appear on the finder i said "Get ready" and we both hit into fish. Nothing big just a Pollack each about 5lb but to him it was a great catch. had a few more drifts and the fish just were not interested so of to another wreck. This time it really made his day with a 6lb`er.

After a few drifts and some more Pollack around the 5-6lb mark he hit a good one and the rod went over in a really good bend and he got on board a 9lb`er.

It made me smile just to see the look on his face as he as only ever caught small fish like Whiting..He couldn`t stop looking in the cool box at the catch and saying " I didn`t expect them this size!!" :roll1:
I only managed a 6lb`er but it didn`t matter as i was chuffed to see dan catch a PB

Had a go at anchor for an hour on the way back and had a few Dogfish and Dan had a Bream about 2lb which i just found out was dinner tonight and was very nice.
A great day all round and glad my pals trip from Kent wasn`t wasted, also nice to see the wrecks providing the goods when needed.


I had a similar reaction from Bouncer on my boat Alan. He was so chuffed with his codling, he said it did not matter if he caught nothing else. That is the best bit about taking out a newbie to boat fishing. Any half decent fish brings a big smile to their face and a sense of satisfaction to yourself.
Great weather out there yesterday, shame about the sea mist though.
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