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I decided that the North Coast was quiet having spent the whole of Easter Sunday at Boscastle without a sniff. Not enough surf and small tides suggested I should blank somewhere new.
I read on the forum that wrasse gave quite a nice little battle and might be good sport and as I've never had a wrasse from the shore I set off to target one. :)
Incidentally I've not really float fished much so I thought I'd attempt to catch this way and hopefully complete 2 firsts in one go.

I set off the 80 miles to Brixham with my mate Nick at 8:30am but still got snarled up in tourist traffic :nonono:

Once there I managed to snag the very last space in the marina car park (GET IN!) and we speed walked through the vast swathes of eager crabbers and early morning ice cream lickers.

We got to the tackle shop and grabbed some Rag worm that had seen better days and some 2oz weights for our rottom bottom rigs.

We then negotiated our way back to the car park by carefully planning and executing "life in your own hands" manouvers (sp?).
This consisted of walking at crawling pace all the time waiting for your moment.
When the time was right, commiting to an instant and high risk speed walk/dart between families 8 people abrest. The risk was increased by the oncoming
unruly mob of kappa wearing, ice-cream hunting, crabbing line needing pack hurding towards the sea front. They were semmingly hell bent upon getting a cornish conch shell or other niknak to take home.
I don't mind it so much because it brings money but it's high risk just to go fishing let me tell you!!!

More later...

We got back to the car and managed to get the rods out and not trip over everyones diving gear and I went to the machine to get a ticket.

"Out of order!

On a bank holiday weekend???

GET IN! Saved some money there :)

We settled on a patch of rocks that seemed a little Wrassey???? Well you know what I mean :unsure:

We baited up and bunged rag and also crab baits short range and then I got my float gear ready. The tide was 1 hour down and I had no idea of what tide state would be best but it was sunny and calm and we had all day. I thought to myself I'm just gonna fish it right through so I'll have an idea for next time.

Rargghhhhhh..... Ha.

(thats me streching out in the sun to relax and watch my rod and float)



Warm sun on the face.

I'm fishing and I don't have to be anywhere.


And then they found us! The kids. Those pesky kids. F'in and Blindin and annoying everyone. Annoying me.
"ere mister give us a beer"
"Let me buy one"
"ere wotcha after"
"Go on giz a beer"
"got any ****?"
"Aye you lot he's got a knife come look"

No don't come and look :uhuh: Rubbish!

I managed to ignore the little darlings and not let it bother me and I kind of enjoyed seeing their enthusiam for finding fun in the rock pools... until...

"I've got a fish" screams one of the lads

"Kill it, stamp on it Yarghhh.. lets kill it... smash it on the rocks"

He waved it around smashing it on the rocks, dropped it, dragged it over 10ft of jagged rocks to show the mob his prize. Then he dropped it again!

I just couldn't cope. I dashed in there and rescued the 6oz wrasse. I decided to educate rather than condemn. I found the lad to be responsive and interested. I showed him how to handle it and return it and he seemed really chuffed. Meanwhile the one named 'Scouse' still wanted death.
He was sent on his way!

I found myself thinking "where are their parents?"
OMG I'm getting old.

Anyway.. this bunch soon got bored but I faced many more groups over the day. The kids would annoy and the fathers would be "you don't want to do it like that"


Onto the fishing.

I found at about mid tide dropping that small ballan wrasse (1lb max) couldn't resist nicely presented rag worm on a chemically sharpened size 2 hook suspended at just the right depth. |They would tug away and I was able to strike only when the float was pulled well below the water surface. This would result in a hook up a lot of the time but if missed I would replace the worm and flick the float within a 3ft by 3ft patch and get action again within minutes.
Great fun.

As the tide dropped and turned nothing really happened apart from the kids looking for things to break. As the tide started to push the almost tropically clear water started to darken a little and aided by the wash from boats returning to harbour started to stir up a little. The same little 3' by 3' patch still kept working but with only fish up to 1.5lb. Still great fun.

Not the same fish every time. Honest!

They wouldn't take anything left on the bottom. Not even under their noses. No ammount of reserve bait I had would entice them to feed on the bottom. No other species appeared.

Soon after I managed to stop myself going over to act as peacemaker and somehow ignore the kids as they ripped off roof tiles and were throwing them at the tourists and smashing them on the path. This was someone elses battle.

I was catching wrasse and I was happy with my minature fish fun.

I settled for 9 mini wrasse in the end and I loved every minute..... of the fishing. I went home a little sunburnt and shattered but I'd had my wrasse (small as they were) and I'd caught on the float.

Mission accomplished.

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Cracking report! Well done on having the patience with all those people as well, i couldn't be doing with all that at the weekend and blanked at a quiet spot on an estuary. Nice to hear of something being caught on the south coast :clap3:

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Super report, sometimes the effort is all the worth while. Great piccys as well


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good report mate...............for future knowledge, you are legally intitled to capture 'chav youths' and bind in gaffer tape for at least six hours. so please feel free to .
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