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Fished Broughty ferry beach 10:00 to 17:00,Bait mackie,bluey,lug,rag Tide LT=10:59 HT=17:09, Weather light wind,cloudy/sunny,water calm and clear.

Headed down to the beach for lug and got talking to a guy who was going fishing up Arbroath way, he mentioned there was a comp on over at Tayport between the harbour and the white house/lighthouse. I seen these guys fishing when i was fishing. I got parked up and suddenly a guy walks up to me and says peeler3, i couldn't quite remember where i had seen him before but apparently bought gear of him a while ago. Well i got down to the beach and started fishing it was nearly an hour before my first fish turned up not big but welcome all the same. Another half hour seen another one brought to land. A few minutes later brought up a nice double,followed by a single and another double. By this time the tide was fairly coming in so i decided to head up to the castle green and fished there for a bit. Fished for a couple of hours with nothing to show so decided to call it a day, i headed up riverside up to the cafe area.

While i was driving along to the cafe i seen a lot of guys fishing riverside opposite tesco i take it this was another comp unusual for me i didn't stop to chat to them, nowhere to park basically. So arrived at the cafe and went on to the bombsite god the holes are something else there. Got the gear out of car and busy setting up when i seen a woman who was fishing next to me struggle to get her gear in. I noticed that it was stuck in the weed went down and freed it for her. Anyway got my gear sorted cast out both rods and felt in my pockets and couldn't feel my car keys, searched car,seat box all the pockets on me couldn't find them. It was then a horrible thought struck did i drop them getting her gear free yes i did i seen them lying within an inch of the water so over the wall and got them back, guy next to me said i was lucky yeh another 10 mins they would have been in the tay.

Within half an hour of casting out had my first 3 fish nothing strange in that..i was only using 2 hook rigs up there. One fish was hooked normally, on the botom hook there was a normally hooked fish but up the line was another fish, the line was through it's mouth and came out it's gill. Never seem anything like that before. Looks like it swallowed it but must have come through the gill and the other fish went after the worm. Next up was something different a coalfish. This was followed by 3 single flounder, in between these fish a few crabs were caught. I was getting quite a few small niggling bites but i took these to be crabs too. It wasn't to bad a day i got a few flounder and it was a good day to be out so no complaints there. I have to say most of the fish were caught on lugworm today as was the case yesterday. A couple on mackie nothing on the bluey. But i did notice the couple that took the rag hit it hard as did the ones that took the rag yesterday.

Total catch for the day 13 Flounder, 1 Coalfish.


My first flounder.

A nice wee double

My treble aught on 2 hooks. The line is through the mouth and out the gill of one fish
and the other fish is hooked in the mouth. never seen anything like that before.

A new species for this year a coalfish....forgot about species list, that's twice now.

My last fish of sesh.
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Good session and great pics as ususal.
Must have been your lucky day though.. what with finding your car keys (what a relief that must have been!?) and catching 3 fish on a 2 hook rig - brilliant stuff!

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