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Got to Rhyl early to board the supreme for a 5hr smut & bass session. Unfortunately, no-one told the bass. It was however a great session for the smoothies with 17 common & starry's caught, a number of doggies, a pin whiting and a small tope.
The fish of the day went to Nige with a 7lber.....

Second best was Jags with a 6lb 9oz.......

I managed 3 smuts with this my biggest at 6lb 4oz...

Most people did well on the day with most of us being smut virgins and Soo getting her first ever Tope, even if it was a smallun....

The rest of the buccs continued to catch smuts for the remainder of the short session with the exeption of baity who was stuck at the top of the boat in the corner. He managed the most difficult fish to catch on a live peeler and a 4/0 with a lovely whiting.
Heres some other catches from the mornings session....

A short but fruitfull session on board the Supreme with Ste. And despite a couple of the smuts looking a little rosy red from the hookup, all fish were well cared for, netted, weighed in a padded bag and then released to fight another day. Another great day out with the Buccs :cool: :cool:
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