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Went out last night 2hrs down 1 up. Was fishing into the deep pit I'd been surfing into only an hour earlier :) There are 4 of these deep channels stetching up the coast. 1 to the right of Upton, 1 on middle beach, 1 between wrangles and earthquake and 1 just south of Northcott. They flow out to sea from a right to left direction and now the tides are getting bigger are revealing a flat bank just behind them. Nice features!
I didn't get anything last night to Sandeels and Black lug but there was loads of that light green seaweed about!!
I did discover that my boot had split early on. Rubbish!!
A friend of mine reported his 1st ray to 6lb and his mate had one as well so they seem to be just starting to show round here although isolated :clap2: :clap2:
Loads of fish cruising out whilst surfing Sunday but not yesterday for some reason. Best guess was that they were mullet.
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