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Beautiful day at sea when i finally got out!
Turned the key at 06.30 & batteries dead despite overnight charge & no sign there was any problem - seems they just had enough. Could have jumped start from 2 auxiliary batteries but decided too risky as i was going offshore.

So when replaced i finally got out about 11.00 & fished off M. Deeps alongside Ron who had just moved from further out. Put out rods for Tope & Bass & as an aside put my light spinning rod out - sods law i caught nearly all my fish on the spinning rod! starting with 8lb Thornback which put up spirited fight on light tackle first drop down. Saw Ron's net go in a few times too!
Fishing was quite slow except for dogfish. Moved across near B.Sands & caught nice Smoothhound (on spinning rod) which took off on a few strong runs.

As nice a day at sea as you could ask & although fishing was quite slow it almost didn't matter, tempted to go inshore as sounded like Ron & Kris were doing well but as i lost so much time getting out didn't want to waste any fishing time.
Nice reports from Ron, Kris & Carcars - no pics today as was on my own.
Best result of the day- my sunburnt bald head!

Forecast bad for weekend!

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At least you got there mate.Lovely day too wasn't it? I saw your net dipping in and out too.Think we are lucky to have such great fishing in this area,as one species moves away for the summer another arrives and we are able to predict even down to what set of tides the fish will arrive.
Have a nice weekend...Dont forget the diesel!

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