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Two new port and starboard bouys have now been placed at the Harbour Entrance. Users will know for the last few weeks the first two bouys on leaving the harbour were out of the channel and you had to go to the left of the green bouy - now don't or you'll bump! The green bouy is now on top of a steep bank; so definitely leave to port when exiting the harbour. See below.

To leave BP harbour now:-

From lock gates keep first red light bouy dead ahead. When first green light bouy abeam; turn to port and head to the first green light bouy. Leave this bouy approx 2metres off your port side. Take a gentle curve and head towards the next red bouy. When about 5 metres from this bouy head to centre of next red and green channel bouys. Keep going you're out and clear.

Unfortunately the entrance channel seems to be consistently shifting after high winds etc. This info is current as of today - but for how long???

Tight lines - Jack
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