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Sunday arrived!!! Most if you wont know but 2005-2006 were years I would prefer to forget, 'nearest and dearest' had a real rough time, so priorities put boats and fishing as a distant 2nd:unsure: All hunky dory now :kissing: fingers XXX. As Hazel said the other week, ". . . . we have got a lot of catching up to do". She enjoys her boating and the occasional dangle, preferring our private trips up the river in the summer after the bass.

So I have some off shore fishing to catch up with as well.

Sunday was a great day for weather, the few miles per hour Northerly wind virtually vanished by lunch time. Three on board; Mike, lovely guy but put a matchstick down and he will trip over it! But he is reliable, 'generous' and good company. Roddy, 53 years old, been fishing the are for as long as he can remember, 'bent pin to 4/0:laugh: viking' He has many years of crew experience on the restored racing barge 'Victor', handy with a splicing tool, hammer and screwdriver, Roddy has been a good companion, putting in much time on the refit of Solent Warrior as well as my previous boat. Get in a tight mechanical spot, Roddys the guy to have at your elbow.

And me of course, three men in a boat. We like our brews, hot pies, and have a good natter when things get quiet.

So, the idea was to get to our Towers mark by 11am, just at the start of the ebb tide. The boat performed well, very economic 11.5 -12kt at 1900rpm, notch her up to 2100rpm cruise and she gave 13 to 14kts, personally I like 12kts?

We fished from 11am to 4pm, did three brews, Hazel packed Pork pies this week, thats phase 2 hinted at, not easy to heat up pies and pasties on a hob. Got the new oven sitting in my office ready!

Doggies, 'woof, woof', whiting, starry smoothound, codling and a nice skate. Not bad, all on squid, I think if we had got crab on board, we could have been away with the mixer on the smoothounds. The mark I was on is very close to one of my favourite hound spots, had hounds there to 17lbs in previous years, 2001,:g: was a cracker:)

Came home the easy way, engage auto pilot, sit back and relax, contemplating the day, Roddy and Mike cleaning up and gutting the catch, what a life!

Looking forward to some more, in the same area, hounds from now until the last week in May. Then looking at the tides, I recon we will be looking for the big tope for a couple or three weeks. Then a few weeks with the feisty males. This will all be interspersed with more hounds and a big bass or two. Big bass will happily take a mackerel bait out for tope. Use eel (if you can get it) for the big tope, then, in late June, change to mackerel, thats my way, her of of Suffolk/Essex, I'm sure other have their favourite way?

Now whats this, it dont want to come in??

Roddy with a nice early season Starry Smoothound, definatly want some more of that!!!

Mike showing the stamp of cod

Yours truly in 2001 the smoothies really did go that year, will this year be as good?

So that was Sunday, shaping up for a few tweaks, 'phase 2' and looking forward to the next trip.

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